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I’m a homemaker, computer consultant and wannabe cook.  I’m not aspiring to be a chef – just a good cook before I get too old to hold a frying pan.  Everyone says “Grandma was the best cook”, “didn’t SusanAunt HoHo make the best cornbread?”  That’s what I’m looking for – except I don’t want to be called Aunt Ho-Ho.

I married in my mid-thirties and am a little embarrassed to say I didn’t really know how to cook much of anything.  I was really good at warming up Cheese-Whiz in the jar and eating it with chips for dinner (still one of my favorites…..).  When company came over, I would marinate chicken breasts in French Dressing and grill them for an outdoor picnic extravaganza. They turned a funny color of orange, but I thought they were good and my guests were very polite. Funny, though, my neighbor dogs were uncannily chubby….

Luckily I married an amazing man who went along with my attempts, although sometimes painful, at creating edible dishes that wouldn’t make us sick, kill us or clog our arteries too much.  Bret’s very diplomatic in telling me whether he likes something or not – something like “hmmm, well, maybe put that in the rotation once a year,” which means “ack, I’d spit it out if you weren’t watching me.”   I think I have the interpretations down pretty well.

I’m a home cook who looks for recipes online, in old standard cookbooks, in magazines, from friends and by occasionally creating my own. About five years ago I put together a family cookbook for my niece, Lisa, and had the most fun doing it! I’ve amassed quite a few recipes with reviews and intend on continuing, so thought I’d share my thoughts and reviews that may be helpful to new cooks, old cooks, and people who just like to gawk (you know you do it).  I’ll put pictures whenever possible unless the recipe turns out looking really awful – then you’ll just have to use your imagination. Hopefully there’ll be some new recipes to add to your recipe box.

Comments are welcome, but keep them clean and be kind to a nice lady like me.  Enjoy, and I do hope you’ll try some of these recipes and find the recommendations helpful!

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