Turkish Yogurt Cake

I just joined a new group, The Cake Slice Bakers, and am so excited about participating in the upcoming baking challenges! Each month four very different cakes are chosen from the cookbook of a prominent baker – in this case, Roger Pizey’s “World Class Cakes” –  and we get to choose one of those to bake and post. The best part of this? We get to eat a different and fun cake every month!

This month’s Turkish Yogurt Cake caught my eye, as it was described as being simple, light and “a little like a cheesecake.” So off to Turkey we go.

I’m not sure about the simple part. It was a little more tricky than it looked! It was beautiful and creamy and then whipped egg whites were folded into it, making a light, fluffy batter. One of the main ingredients is strained Greek yogurt, which I surprisingly found at my local grocery store. It’s a little messy to deal with and I’m still cleaning yogurt out from under my fingernails…

Roger Pizey’s photos of the cake were just beautiful! I decided to try to duplicate them by turning the cake out onto a plate. It didn’t quite cooperate and split in a few places, so don’t look too closely at it.

The cake definitely had that yogurt tang. I’d call the cake a cross between an egg souffle and a fluffy cheesecake. It’s an unusual, but not totally unpleasant texture and besides the pungent yogurt taste, also has quite a bit of lemon flavor. If I make it again, I’ll definitely put a teaspoon or so of vanilla for a deeper flavor.

This first cake challenge with The Cake Slice Bakers was so much fun! I look forward to getting to know the other bakers and diving into the next challenge!

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Turkish Yogurt Cake

A cross between an egg souffle and a light, fluffy cheesecake.  From Roger Pizey's World Class Cakes.

Servings: 6
  • 4 large eggs divided
  • 1/2 C superfine sugar
  • 3 tbsp all-purpose flour sifted
  • 1 3/4 C strained Greek yogurt
  • 1 lemon grated and juiced
  • confectioner's sugar
  1. Preheat the oven to 350° and grease a 9" round cake pan.

  2. Beat together the egg yolks and the sugar.  Ad in the sifted flour, the yogurt, the zest and juice of the lemon, and mix all the ingredients thoroughly together.

  3. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and fold them into the yogurt batter.

  4. Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan and bake in a preheated oven for 50 to 60 minutes until the top is brown.  It will puff up like a souffle and then subside.

  5. When completely cooled, dust with confectioner's sugar.  

Recipe Notes
Tips and Stuff:   Make sure and have all of the ingredients ready to blend together - it can get messy!   I didn't have an 9-inch cake pan, so I used a tall 8-inch and baked it until the top was golden brown - almost the full hour until a knife slid gently into the middle of it came out clean.

12 thoughts on “Turkish Yogurt Cake

  1. Carlee

    You were braver than I was turning out the cake! I find Roger often says to do that where I don’t have the guts to. 😉 Welcome and I look forward to baking with you.

    1. sblades Post author

      Lol, it was interesting anyway! By the way, I loooove your cheese ball carrots – so cute. And thanks for the welcome. I can tell this is gonna be fun.

  2. Elle

    A great beginning, and your cake looks good and it’s full sized…you clearly know how to turn a cake out of a pan and turn it over. Glad you have joined CSB and hope to bake with you again in the fall.

    1. sblades Post author

      Thanks Elle! You can’t see the bottom of the cake (yay closeups) – it didn’t come out of the pan so easily! Thanks for the welcome.

  3. Hazel Ryan Sheehan

    Welcome aboard!! What a great cake to start with. This book I think is filled with notions, when Roger says easy I think he is talking to a class of training pastry chefs!! But yours does look great.. here’s to the next! Hazel x

  4. Emily Chiam

    Turning the cake out onto a plate and flipping back never ever crossed my mind! Good job you! How did you get your icing sugar to stay intact for picture taking? They tend to disappear into thin air with mine!

  5. sblades Post author

    Thanks Emily! I let the cake cool completely and the top was a little sticky, but not too much where the sugar would soak in. I agree with your 3 stars on this one. Probably not one I’d make again.

  6. Candice

    Welcome to the Cake Slice Bakers! I too had trouble with the cake turning out of the pan. Next time I am doing a springform. Your bake looks great and I am excited to see yours next month!

  7. Felice

    Glad to have you baking along with the group! I think the version of this cake in the book had to be some type of “miracle” cake, because I had the same issues you did removing it from the pan and then flipping it back over and onto a plate – cracking. I’m definitely using a springform next time. All that being said, your cake looks so light and fluffy, and you really achieved that great soufflé look to it.

    1. sblades Post author

      Thanks Felice! It’s amazing what you can do with closeup photos and powdered sugar…! And thanks to you and Hazel for taking on the responsibility of the group. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


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